India's First Dicovery Based Learning Program

Discovery Based Learning Method

The objective of discovery based learning is to ensure that every student is able to see the contexts from their daily life in which they can apply the concepts being learnt in the classroom.

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Curriculum Inspired from International Programs

Progressive Curriculum

The curriculum is inspired from Canadian Curriculum for Mathematics and Science, Cambridge English Program for English Language Arts.

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Educational Toys


The PlayLab like any other Lab provides a perfect ambience with thought-invoking Interiors & tailor-made Infrastructure with the main equipment being the Toys.

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Teacher Training

Our Service team is a vibrant group of young professionals with proven track record in academic implementation and training.


Monthly visits to monitor PlaySpring classes at regular intervals and provide feedback & training to Teachers and Co-ordinators.


Unique set of metrics with comprehensive, catalytic, scientific, and non-judgmental assessment to assist a child's integral growth.

About Us

At Maverick Edutech, an electic group of people from diverse backgrounds have put their heads together to create a high precision curriculum module called PlaySpring for each child's holistic development.

  • Our team includes researchers in Math, Science and Psychology.
  • A unit of experienced School Leaders and IIM Graduates.
  • Curriculum designed for Maths, English and Science.
  • Lesson plans and Workbooks for each subject from Nursery to Grade-5.
  • Educational Toys to experience the learning objectives in the curriculum.

PlaySpring curriculum compliments the students' learning in the classrooms, driving them to understand the 'Why' of their learning, and assisting them to journey beyond textbooks to a concrete experience of learning through play.









Our Features

PlaySpring education is build on extremely powerful and neuro-scientifically proven technique called Discovery Based Learning, which is considered a constructive based approach to education.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Simple and easy to teach lesson plans emphasising on the use of 'Educational Toys' through activities to help students understand the learning objectives.

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Engaging Worksheets

Our worksheets help kids explore topics, practice skills, and build knowledge in a fun way. We help develop skills through activities using PlayLab Toys.

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PlayLab like any other Lab provides a perfect ambience with thought-invoking Wall Decorations & tailor-made Infrastructure with the main equipment being the Toys.

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Educational Toys

The educational toys are used in every session of our curriculum to help children understand the concepts covered in the session through play activities.

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Mobile Application

An Interactive Mobile Application for Teachers & Parents to continously update and view the assessment reports of the child in the PlaySpring sessions.

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Students will be sponsored upto Rs. 5,00,000 each to help them progress in their field of interest and put them on a platform to showcase their talent.

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   The programme is really excellent. Discovery Based Learning makes the child to learn the unknown from the known. This way of learning awakens the genius in every child.

Balvinder Kaur

Principal, Nalanda International School

   Children can easily understand the concepts using PlayLab toys. Worksheets help to access the skill of the child so that the teacher can focus on individual child's learning.

Naveed Basha

Correspondent, Ideal International School

   PlaySpring has a progressive outlook towards the teaching approach in schools. It engages the children with its "Learn through Play" methodology.

Usha Ramesh

Principal, Yashas English School Foundation

   PlaySpring as its name suggest is flexible and stands as a real example for "Learning by Doing" methodology. It enables the children to develop their creativity and drag out the hidden talent in them.

Pavan Kumar Athikam

Academic Advisor, Gowtham Model School